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Whatever the value or complexity of your issue, our mediators can help for as little as £150 per participant. Our experienced and accredited Mediators can find a way to rebuild relationships or assist individuals or businesses parting company. Our Mediators specialise in handling highly complex and emotional disputes....

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More and more, organisations and individuals are now turning to mediation to resolve their disputes; but why? find out here

We are experienced and qualified Alternative Dispute Resolution providers; accredited by, and members of The Society of Mediators

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Remote Mediations

Remote video conference mediations inevitably became far more popular during the Covid Pandemic. Mediation lends its self very well to video conferencing. It also has obvious benefits, including cost (no room hire or travel expenditure) time (no need to spend time traveling too and fro the venue). Now 80% of our sessions are run remotely, with typically participants logging in from across the country or from abroad.

Of all the video conferencing programs, we have found Zoom to be our preferred system, though we are more than happy to meet clients needs by using another platform if required.

For those who don't feel 100% confident with the tech, we offer a free 15min tutorial before the mediation. 15 mins we have found, is more than enough time to learn how to use this very intuitive system.