About Us

Who are we?

Having seen how costs can spiral and relationships can suffer during litigation, Wensum Mediation was set up with the aim of providing accessible, flexible and cost effective Civil Mediation Service as a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution. 

We chose the name 'Wensum', after the River Wensum that runs through Norwich; formerly Norwich was a large Port, primarily transporting cloth via the River Wensum, on to the River Yare, down the port of Great Yarmouth, then either out into the North Sea to international markets, or round the coast to the Thames and down to London. A working river we feel is a good metaphor for Mediation; like a river, Mediation provides a conduit allowing business, trade and relationships to flow. 

Every year Wensum Mediation facilitates agreements across as wide range of sectors, and in as wide a range of disputes as can be imagined. For information about the most common areas we facilitate meditations in, please visit our service page here. If you find the type of dispute you are in is not listed however, please do get in touch anyway; even if its not a dispute we would feel comfortable mediating, we are sure we will be able to point you in the right direction!

Wensum Mediation is well known throughout the Housing and Property Sector as an established specialist ADR supplier facilitating agreements across the housing and property sectors. You can find out more about our Property, and Landlord and Tenant Services here

Based in Norwich and Central London, but able to cover the whole of the UK, our advisors are experienced negotiators, advocates and advisors; qualified, insured and accredited members of The Society of Mediators.

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