Our Services

Remote Mediations

Remote video conference mediations, inevitably became far more popular during the Covid Pandemic. Mediation lends its self very well to video conferencing. It also has obvious benefits, including cost (no room hire or travel expenditure) time (no need to spend time traveling too and fro the venue).

Of all the video conferencing programs, we have found Zoom to be our preferred system, though we are more than happy to meet clients needs by using another platform if required.

For those who don't feel 100% confident with the tech, we offer a free 15min tutorial before the mediation. 15 mins we have found, is more than enough time to learn how to use this very intuitive system.

Legal Aid Funded Mediation

For any cases that are legal aid funded, we have teamed up with Abbotts Martin Solicitors to provide mediation fully funded by legal aid for both parties. For more information about our legal aid funded mediation service, please click the button below which will take you to the Abbotts Martin mediation page.

Pro Bono

Our Free Mediation Project, is a completely free service operating exclusively in Norfolk. 

This is a mediation service that is free at the point of use for those who would not otherwise be able to access mediation. This service is means tested, using the same formula as Legal Aid Eligibility (only one of the participants need be eligible) and there are no complicated forms to fill in. Please follow the link below to find out more.