Neighbourhood disputes & Antisocial Behaviour

What we do

We take the time to build relationships with people and work with them in a safe environment to co-produce practical, long-lasting solutions that work. We encourage calm, constructive communication, either directly or through the mediator. The outcomes can rebuild relationships, enabling people to feel comfortable again in their own homes and gardens.

Face to face mediations - Face to face mediations are held in neutral space once the mediator and participants are confident that it will be constructive and safe to talk together in the same room.

Shuttle mediations - Shuttle mediations are a way to increase mutual understanding, exchange information, and clear up misunderstanding between those that don’t feel comfortable to meet or for whom it isn’t suitable.

Both ways aim to form realistic agreements on future behaviour and ensure routes of communication that help to avoid further conflict.

Some of the cases we can successfully mediate include -

  • Boundary disputes

  • Noise nuisance

  • Animal nuisance

  • Abusive behaviour

  • Vandalism

  • Dumping rubbish

  • Inconsiderate behaviour