Public Sector & Regulatory

Central and Local Government, Regulators and other public bodies

Public Bodies are increasingly turning to mediation as their first choice for dispute resolution.

In disputes involving public bodies, mediation offers particularly valuable advantages. Most obviously, it can save money and other scarce public resources, protect from adverse publicity or damaging precedent, and avoid damaging long-term relationships between the public sector and key stakeholders. Its flexibility allows settlement terms to be tailored to suit the complex sensitivities of disputes involving public organisations.

We deal with disputes involving all aspects of public and administrative, regulatory, local government and disciplinary law, including the following:

  • Judicial review

  • Local government

  • Planning

  • Environment

  • Highways

  • Town and village greens

  • Compulsory purchase

  • Land in public ownership

  • Housing

  • Commercial and other private disputes involving public bodies acting in a private capacity

  • Licensing

  • Statutory nuisance

  • Public procurement

  • Education

  • Health

  • Police

  • Health

  • Immigration

  • Public sector pensions