Landlord and Tenant

Facilitating agreements that benefit both landlords and tenants

Housing law is complex and often requires costly legal advice and representation, and the court process can take months, even years to reach a resolution causing stress and anxiety to those involved.

Landlord and tenant mediation provides a timely and fixed cost alternative, offering a safe environment for an open, honest and constructive discussion, to help all parties involved to better understand one another’s concerns and reach an agreement about how to move forward, however that may look.

Wensum Mediation is very experienced in working with social landlords, private law firms, landlord associations and tenant groups; and is the nominated mediation provider integrated into many organisations systems.

We would be pleased to show you just how quick, easy, and inexpensive mediation can be in resolving any dispute involving tenants, agents, landlords and contractors.

Some of the cases we can successfully mediate include -

  • Non payment of rent

  • Disrepair*

  • Antisocial behaviour

  • Breaches of tenancy

  • Eviction

  • Hoarding

  • Tenancy deposit disputes

  • Landlord and tenant conflict

  • Service charge disputes

  • Property management disputes

*One of the areas Wensum Mediation specialises in is Housing Disrepair Mediation. We have produced a dedicated Housing Disrepair Referral Form for professionals to make the process of instructing us even easier; to access the form please click on the relevant button below -

*We have also produced a one page PDF summary of our housing disrepair service, which we recommend using when nominating Wensum Mediation; a copy of which can be found below.