Civil & Commercial

What we can do

Increasingly disputing parties are looking to instruct an experienced and skilled mediator to help them settle their civil, commercial or business dispute. Many of the parties that come to us have been caught up in their dispute for months, if not years, costing them valuable time and resources which could be much better spent elsewhere.

Mediation offers parties a cost-effective, confidential process, facilitated by an neutral third-party, which helps the parties reach a settlement which all parties can live with. The settlement can take into account provisions or terms which a Court would be unable to award. For example, the parties could decide to agree, as a term of their settlement, a new contractual relationship in lieu of the payment of damages or similar. This is particularly valuable in situations where, for example, there is a relationship which the parties want to continue.

Some of the cases we can successfully mediate include -

  • Insurance and Reinsurance

  • Partnership and Shareholder

  • Property, Land and Real Estate

  • Project Mediation

  • Pensions and Life Assurance

  • Regulatory and Public Sector

  • Entertainment and Media

  • Construction and Engineering

  • Commercial and Business

  • Costs mediation

  • Transportation Disputes – Marine, Aviation and Energy

  • Family Business, Trusts and Relationships

  • Financial Services and Banking

  • Inheritance, Wills and Probate

  • Professional Negligence

  • Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence

  • Intellectual Property

  • Sport

  • Specialist Services

  • iTrust Sport

  • Quanta Mediation

  • Project Mediation