Workplace & Employment

Workplace or Employment Dispute?

Our workplace mediation services resolve complex and challenging disputes swiftly, effectively and with as little disruption as possible. Our team of expert and experienced mediators work with all parties to restore positive working relationships and minimise the need to pursue time consuming, costly and stressful disciplinary or tribunal procedures.

Experience has shown us that often entrenched positions are adopted when communication and working relationships break down, and disputes within the workplace may feel very personal and emotive. By facilitating an open and honest discussion and exploring the underlying reasons for the conflict, a skilled mediator can help participants resolve disagreements by encouraging participants to address the core issues that might be hindering an amicable resolution.

We have found that no workplace or employment dispute is ever the same, therefore our approach is flexible. Wensum Mediation can offer services remotely (via video conference), in person (either onsite or offsite) or a combination of both. We help participants explore creative and flexible solutions which meet the individual needs of the participants involved, and which might not be available through other processes. 

Some of the cases we can successfully mediate include -

Wensum Mediation specialises in Workplace & Employment disputes. We have produced a dedicated a Workplace & Employment Referral Form for professionals, to make the process of instructing us even easier; to access the form please click on the button below, we aim to respond the same day  -